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Allen and Valerie are agents that are dedicated to helping you with your specific home ownership goals. What really sets us apart is that a large percentage of our business comes from our clients who passionately refer us to their friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers they meet on the street that they overhear talking about real estate. They get nothing in return other than the satisfaction that those referred are being taken care of by the team they know as the best and continued support of our team because they experienced us first hand. Our hearts are poured into every transaction and we treat each one with the care, detail, and skill needed as if it were our own huge investment. The greatest gift is truly being able to utilize our skills and strengths to help our clients during one of the most important times in their lives. We are meeting majority of those we serve in the midst of huge life change or with the pursuit of the dream of building generational wealth through real estate. So, we take that job seriously and do things others won't do. Our clients often say, "No one does what you do, huh?" and our response is, " We do what we need to do to make you successful!" We can share stats and experience all day long but really, we let everyone else do the talking.

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Allen was the first of the Team Neeley duo to get into Real Estate. In everything he does from family to business, he lives by putting others first and the golden rule of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." (Matthew 7:12). Living by these principles is what has gotten Allen so far and has brought much success. Prior to real estate, Allen had a long history of experience in the financial industry, banking/ finance, and customer service. No matter what role he entered he was always looked upon as a leader. As a banker his clients would go wherever he was because he was the only one they would trust. One client followed him from Seal Beach down to San Clemente to handle her finances. So, you can only imagine the level of care he places when it comes to real estate. 

As far as Team Neeley goes, they are two halves of a whole and Allen's half is extremely important for all their clients. Allen is gifted when it comes to negotiation and it plays out so well for their clients regardless of what market they are in. When the going gets rough you can always count on Allen to get things done. His reputation amongst his peers is so highly regarded that it benefits their client's greatly. When listing, many that know him strive to have their client's buy a Team Neeley listing, and buyers have a much easier time approaching multiple offer situations. 

Allen's dedication to his clients sets him apart in this industry.

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After some persuasion from Allen, Valerie left her career in mortgage to complete the Team Neeley Duo. 

Valerie is the heartbeat of the team and compliments Allen's skills greatly. Though majority of what is done by Valerie is internal, what she brings to the table for their clients is her passion for education, preparation, and being detailed. Every agent works different, and for Valerie it is important for her to provide knowledge in every aspect possible to ensure her client's success. Her ability to observe the markets as they are in them, have been crucial to making those quick fluid changes buyers and sellers need to make in the ever-changing markets. Those that know her best know that systems are her thing. Every client works differently but being able to simplify a complex process for each individual transaction is what she does best. 

For sellers, listing/ showing prep is key and she is skilled in ensuring that your home is marketed to get top dollar returns. 

To say Valerie is passionate in what she does for both buyers and sellers is an understatement.

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Team Neeley is a family owned business so  a lot of our values, our foundation, and motivation derives from this fact. Outside of the real estate world Allen & Valerie dedicate their time and efforts to their philanthropic work. Their work ethic is just as strong in their volunteer work as it is in business. Though they try their best to separate business from their personal lives, it's not uncommon for clients to become like extended family. So it is understood that support of the Team Neeley family business is support of all the different volunteer work their family works hard on. Their commitment to the community is that as there is continued growth and success the more they want to ensure to give back to those in need. Some of their family's efforts include responding to various needs with refugees, food pantry distributions, youth camps, and more. Team Neeley is extremely grateful for your support so they can continue to do what they love the most... serving.

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